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2019 Cricket World Cup

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is scheduled to be hosted by England and Wales, from 30 May to 14 July 2019. It has been a team to admire in the history of the World Cup.

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Cricket World Cup

All you need to know about the ICC cricket world cup 2019- The Hosts, the Format, the Venues, the Qualifiers and the Favourites!

Cricket fever is about to return! The World Cup main event is returning after four years, and cricket fans are more excited than ever. The event is conducted every four years, and this year the cricket world cup would feature ten teams. Each of the teams selected for the competition is chosen through a worldwide qualification process that spans around five to six years before the event.

Do you want to know more about the world cup? Then let us dive into details of the event to find out how much excitement we can expect from the event! Even if we do not know exactly who would win the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, we can make efforts to identify the different teams that have qualified for the big event in the sport of cricket as well as the format of the World Cup and favorites to win the cup.

Furthermore, our discussion would also involve references to schedule and venues of the world cup as well as controversies that have been noted with the event. Most important of all, a discussion on the new rules for world cup can help us get a clear impression of the cards that have been already dealt on the table!

The Hosts of the Big Event:

England and Wales would be the battleground for the 2019 cricket world cup according to the hosting rights it was awarded in 2006. The hosting rights for the world cup of the sport of cricket were announced for the years 2011, 2015 and 2019, all in the year 2006. In the starting, England and Wales had presented a joint bid for hosting the 2015 world cup.

However, Australia was offered the hosting rights for 2015 after losing the 2011 world cup hosting rights to a joint Asian bid. Subsequently, England and Wales were promised the hosting rights for the world cup of 2019 upon the condition that they agree to withdraw from their bid for the 2015 World Cup. England and Wales immediately agreed to the condition and were awarded the opportunity to host the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019.

It is interesting to note that England had also received the rights for the first T20 world cup in 2007 in 2006. Initially, the T20 world cup which was the first ever of its kind, was intended as an invitational. However, the ICC granted official status to the T20 World Cup when all the twelve full members and provisional members agreed to the invitation.

Format of the game:

Different formats have been implemented in the cricket world cup in the past. However, the format is expected to be much simpler in 2019, especially with the reduction in several teams participating in the event. It is interesting to note that there would be no groups like previous world cups.

In this edition of the world cup, there is only one central group that would have all the ten teams. Every team would play with each other once in the course of 45 group games in the group stage. The cricket world cup 2019 schedule will not have any quarter-finals like the schedules of the previous world cup tournaments.

Instead of the quarterfinals, the top four teams after the group stage would proceed directly to the semi-finals, and the remaining six teams would be knocked out of the tournament. The winners of the semi-finals would proceed to the final game, and as evident from history, the winner of the final game would be awarded the title of 2019 World Champions of cricket.

Venues for the world cup:

The opening game of the 2019 cricket world cup would be hosted at The Oval, and the final game would be held at Lords, the iconic home of cricket. According to information presented by the English Cricket Board, the two semi-finals of the tournament would be conducted at Old Trafford and Edgbaston. Official news sources have confirmed that the London Stadium would be the host for the opening ceremony as well as certain group stage matches.

Other games in the cricket world cup 2019 schedule would be conducted at various grounds across England and Wales which can comply with the size and capacity requirements outlined by the ICC. The notable stadiums that would be hosting matches of the world cup of cricket in 2019 can be presented as follows:


Rose Bowl.

Riverside Ground.

The Oval.


Old Trafford.

Sophia Gardens.

Edgbaston Cricket Ground.


County Ground.

County Cricket Ground.

Qualifying for the main event:

Following the decision to reduce the size of the tournament, only ten teams were able to qualify for the Cricket world cup in 2019. The decision of ICC to reduce the number of participating teams in the ICC cricket world cup from 14 teams in 2011 and 2015 to 10 teams was intended to facilitate better competition. The hosts of the event England would qualify automatically for the world cup.

The top seven one day international (ODI) playing nations in the latest ICC rankings as of 6 months before the tournament would qualify for the tournament. The remaining two spots were reserved for the remaining test playing nations and affiliate members of the ICC. West Indies and Afghanistan filled the two remaining spots after a qualifying tournament conducted in March 2018 in Bangladesh.

The qualifying tournament involved the four teams that were unable to make it to the top seven spots in the ODI rankings of ICC as well as four teams that achieved top spots in the Cricket World League Championships. Hence the teams that have been selected for the final cricket world cup 2019 schedule include:




New Zealand.

West Indies.

Sri Lanka.


South Africa.



According to the official cricket world cup 2019 schedule, the opening match of the tournament will be between England and South Africa on 30th May 2019. The final match of the world cup would be hosted at Lords on 14th July 2019.       

Who will win?

This question has been troubling almost every individual right from the day when the cricket world cup 2019 schedule was announced. A new format, controversies regarding the use of London Stadium as a venue and the playing forms of different notable players have upped the ante of this year’s world cup by a considerable margin. The winners of the last world cup, Australia, are promising favorites along with South Africa and India also presenting notable claims to the trophy. Even if the host country always had a formidable advantage in the world cup, England is the fourth favorite of the event.

However, the game of cricket is always unpredictable, and there is no reason to be astounded if the results of the tournament do not go as expected. All we have to do is enjoy the tournament and let the best team win the trophy!          

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