Paul dominated his fight against AnEsonGib, beat in a first-round technical knockout.

Jake Paul desired to defeat AnEsonGib so he could get his hands on KSI, who beat his brother Logan via split-decision in November. 

The younger Paul lived up to his words by giving Gib to the canvas three times, including a right hand to cap it off, to win the fight at the 2:18 mark of the first round at Meridian at Island Gardens in Miami.

The animosity between the two showed when neither Paul nor Gib touched gloves after receiving their final ring instructions. 

Paul and Gib began seeming to take each other apart by going right at one other, raising the heavy leather. Paul was in the traditional conservative stance while Gib was crouched, trying to make it more complicated for Paul to hit him.

Paul made a period to use a stiff jab that wobbled Gib on more than one occasion. Seeing Gib off-balance, Paul threw a right hand to score the first knockdown of the fight. Instead of rushing in and working for the stoppage, Paul used his time and continued to pepper the jab to set up his ability shots. The procedure proved to be useful as Paul connected on a left hook to communicate Gib partially through the ropes, which is considered a knockdown.

Seeking to survive the round, Gib went right back at Paul and landed a right hand that bloodied Paul's nose. It was all for naught when about 15 seconds later, Paul beat a crushing right hand to send Gib to a knee and out of his misery. 

When the referee shook it off, Paul quickly reached to the side of the ring that KSI was at and began talking trash. KSI entered the ring, and Paul let him know that he would be facing him next to avenge the Paul family name. Paul lightly shoved KSI and then security intervened before it went any further.

"KSI's next," Paul said. "I didn't have to f—ing win by two points. You had to beat my bro by a bad call."