Transparsoft offers Progressive Web Apps Solutions to help track, trace and analyze your business's real-time analytics and bring efficiency and improvement in your Business.

How Your Business Could Benefit From A Transparsoft PWA

Building your company starts with proper organization, efficientmarketing, and powerful tools to make it easy on both your employees and yourcustomers. Transparsoft is known for being the Transparency Company because oftheir New Age technologies and progressive developments in web design anddevelopment. Their Progressive Web App platforms are revolutionizing howbusinesses are organizing their business. Get more information about ProgressiveWeb Apps


What Exactly Is PWA?


PWA stands for Progressive Web App, and it is an updated and newapproach to utilizing mobile apps for business. Gone are the days where youhave an iOS or Android app that gives basic app design. Their PWAs are some ofthe best on the market today.


How Your Business Could Benefit From A Transparsoft PWA


Make It Easier To Manage


The main goal is to make business easier to manage. Whether youneed a way to provide online booking and reservation offers or provide aloyalty program for your restaurants’ biggest fans, Transparsoft gives you thechance to make this a possibility. You can manage your business and givecustomers a better way to be on top of your offers and promotions. Organize andeasily showcase Yelp and customer reviews, create QR codes, easily providecustomer support, list your products, and setting up appointments are just afew of the different things you can accomplish using their PWAs.


Connect Better With Your Clientele


Nothing beats having different avenues to connect with yourclientele. If you decide to use their real estate PWA, they have a “feedbackand reviews” feature that makes comparing and checking rates on properties somuch easier. The fitness PWA offers digital workout plans and tutorial videos,alongside In-app diet charts to complement the workouts. Transparsoft hasthought of everything to make your brand stand out and better work for you.


Find A PWA For Your Business


Whether you are a doctor or a personal trainer, Transparsoft hasa PWA that can fit your specific type of business. With 7 unique versions thatyou can customize to fit your brand, you will find one that can help youelevate your company to move further.


SMS Marketing


The #1 service that comes with almost every PWA is their SMSmarketing solution. Text message marketing is by far one of the most powerfulmarketing strategies on the market today because of how easy it is to keep intouch with clients. If you want people to take you up on your latest offer orpromotion, doing so through texts is efficient and powerful. Transparsoft givesyou a simple way to utilize this strategy by giving you an easy to use platformfor sending out mass marketing texts to your customers.


Your business will start to thrive using this new, progressiveway of using mobile apps. They have a PWA for fitnessprofessionals, doctors, real estateagents, restaurants, retail, clubs, and car dealerships. If your companydoesn’t fall directly into one of these businesses, you can always find theniche that is closely related to your brand or use their Progressive App Builder thatallows you to design a PWA yourself to fit your needs.